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Over his writing career, Doug Lintula has attended numerous writing and editing seminars, workshops and conferences. These have included sessions provided by the University of Toronto, the Editors’ Association of Canada, the Periodical Writers Association of Canada, the Playwrights Guild of Canada, the Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas and various individuals. Along the way he began to conduct courses, seminars and workshops of his own under educational auspices, through professional associations and for clients in the workplace.

Doug has twice acted as a mentor within the member mentoring program of the Professional Writers Association of Canada (PWAC) and adjudicated writing competitions both for PWAC and the Prison Arts Foundation.

    For PWAC he judged entries into a travel-writing contest.

    For the Prison Arts Foundation, located in Brantford, Ontario, he twice judged entries submitted by prison inmates from across Canada to the Foundation’s annual essay-writing competition in 2000 and 2001.

    (Doug wrote two articles for the Brantford-based arts magazine Bravissimo! about the sobering experience of reading and judging “words from inside.” Copies of the articles are available for those interested in prison inmate rehabilitation through the arts.)


Writing in Context One. A generalist’s approach to making a living as a freelancer. Audience: writers and consultants wishing to expand their writing capabilities and working horizons.

Dare to become a ruthless generalist

and a master of context.

Writing in Context Two. A generalist’s approach to improving on-the-job writing ability. Audience: consultants, managers and others employed where communication skills are vital to advancement.

Ask Doug for a copy of his white paper

Consultants Must Also Be Writers.

Writing Better Reports. Organizing and structuring reports for maximum impact. Audience: freelancers, consultants, researchers and in-house managers and staff charged with writing responsibilities.

Care to guess what part of a report

Doug writes first? Contact him for the answer.

It will likely surprise you.

Better Speeches Through Storytelling. Preparing and giving speeches from a theatrical, storytelling perspective. Audience: those ready to give full voice to their speaking aspirations.


The Creative Benefits of Silence. Cultivating silence and stillness of mind for creative and personal growth. Audience: those ready to consider that unexpected and unexplainable events can occur when the undirected mind makes its own connections.

How to hire and work with a freelance writer. A candid talk about engaging writers and getting the results you want. Audience: consultants, managers, professionals and others looking for a better way to make writer-for-hire arrangements work for all concerned.

Becoming a Writer. Exploring the many kinds of writing careers available, creative and applied. Audience: high school and college students, and others, wondering what the writing game is really all about.

The Risks and Perils of Freelance Writing. A humorous take on the writing life, based on real, on-the-job adventures. Audience: those interested in knowing more about the ups and downs of freelancing for a living. For example:

What to do when told that

a client has Mob connections?

Contact Doug for more information about talks and workshops. He’s planning to hold a series of workshops in Burlington, Ontario, in 2013; details to be announced. He is also ready to conduct specifically tailored workshops for companies, associations and educational institutions, either in-house or in conference settings.

Writing in Context Workshop

Writing in Context means writing with minimum effort for maximum result on any subject for any purpose.

The workshop covers:

  1. the basics of the communications process, emphasizing context as a guide to content;

  2. the organization and writing of various materials such as brochures, reports and proposals; and

  3. working with committees.

The workshop includes:

  1. an explanatory writing exercise;

  2. examples of how Writing in Context works in practice; and

  3. informative handouts.

The workshop can be given over the course of one day or broken into two separate sessions.

Handouts include Doug’s article

Writing in Context:

A Self-Organizing Approach

to the Communication of Ideas,

originally published in indirections by the Ontario Council of Teachers of English.

Contact Doug

for more information.