Douglas V. Lintula, B. Arch.



Selected Clients


Articles, Newsletters, Manuals, Books, Brochures, Proposals, Position Papers, Reports, Print Ads, Radio & TV Commercials, Community Liaison

Adfactor Graphics

Bidell & Associates

    Toronto Transit Commission

Brant Theatre Workshops

Bravissimo! Magazine

Cresap Management Consultants

    Ontario Ministry of Housing

    Toronto/Ontario Olympic Council

Farquharson & Associates Advertising, Inc.

    Ballet Ys


    Environment Canada

    National Ballet School of Canada

    Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

    Revenue Canada

    Rio Algom

    The Clinique Deleone

    The Only Solution

    Young People’s Theatre

Heather Burke Word Processing Centre, Inc.

indirections Magazine

Interactive Image Technologies, Inc.

Marketing Plus

Public Good Communications

    Ontario Nurses’ Association

Reader’s Digest

Robert Hann & Associates

    Ontario Ministry of Health

Theatre Brantford

Turn Key Web Solutions

    Golf Knickers Canada

Whole Body Health (Chiropractic)

Young Family Magazine

Internal Communications Materials

Ontario Ministry of Culture and        


Ontario Ministry of Northern Development    

    and Mines

Ogilvie, Ogilvie and Company

    Ontario Ministry of the Solicitor General

Syrograph Corporation

    Ontario Ministry of Community and

    Social Services

Thorne, Stevenson & Kellogg

    Transport Canada

Toronto Transit Commission

Wrote community newsletters and reports regarding expansion of subway car repair facilities at Greenwood Yard. Took photos of work progress for newsletters. Work done through  Bidell & Associates.

Generally Inclined

As Doug Lintula expanded his writing horizons, he encountered wide-ranging opportunities for writing and editing assignments through advertising agencies and management consulting firms, as well as with cultural groups, professional associations and educational institutions.

    Doug has also helped research and public participation consultants carry out community liaison projects.

    In Toronto, he worked with Bidell & Associates for the Toronto Transit commission to register neighbourhood concerns regarding the expansion of its Greenwood Yard subway-car repair facilities and report on project progress.

    In Brantford, he aided Robert Hann & Associates with their study for the Ontario Ministry of Health on the community impacts of the city’s charity casino. 

Sample Projects

Ontario Nurses’ Association

Wrote position paper entitled An Industry in Crisis: Ontario nurses speak out on the nursing shortage. Work done through Public Good Communications.

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Edited and co-wrote booklet aimed at finding advertisers for CTV’s television coverage of the 1980 Olympics. Work done through Farquharson & Associates Advertising, Inc.

Revenue Canada

Researched regulations and wrote brochure regarding the types of guns and other weapons that visitors can legally bring into Canada. Work done through Farquharson & Associates Advertising, Inc.

National Ballet School of Canada

Wrote fund-raising brochure through Farquharson & Associates Advertising, Inc.

View Brochure >>>

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Young People’s Theatre

Wrote season brochure for Toronto theatre company through Farquharson & Associates Advertising, Inc.

Environment Canada

Wrote brochures and booklets on scientific and technical careers available in the Atmospheric Environment Service. Work done through Farquharson & Associates Advertising, Inc.

Transport Canada

Wrote scripts for three, 15-minute A/V presentations on work procedures for airport maintenance staff across Canada. Created two characters to convey information in short comic-routine segments. Shot all photos required, including those at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. Developed illustrations with cartoonist. Composed and played incidental music on piano during studio production. Work done through Thorne, Stevenson & Kellogg Management Consultants.

Airport maintenance never sleeps


Doug has contributed  incidental music to various freelance projects, and music is never far away in his theatrical work. For his mini-musical Gallagher, he wrote both music and lyrics for seven songs to help tell the story of a household cat that runs away from home to seek fame and fortune as a writer in the Big Apple. The show was staged at the Alumnae Theatre in Toronto as part of its 2003 New Ideas Festival. A longer version is in the works.

J. McKee

Toronto/Ontario Olympic Council

Edited and co-wrote proposal, Toronto as Host to the 100th Anniversary Olympics. Work done through Cresap Management Consultants.