Douglas V. Lintula, B. Arch.



Selected Clients

Environment, Energy

Consulting, Manuals, Research/Policy/Activity Reports, Trade Show Exhibits

Concord Scientific

    Ontario Ministry of Labour

Environment Canada

    Niagara River Toxics Committee

Ontario Ministry of the Environment

     Air Quality Branch

    Communications Branch

    Environmental SWAT Team

    Laboratory Services Branch

    London Regional Office

    Niagara River Toxics Committee

    Pesticides Advisory Committee

    Recycling Advisory Committee

    Solid Waste Task Force

    Waste Management Advisory Board

    Waste Management Branch

    Waste Reduction Advisory Committee

    Waste Reduction Office

    Water Quality Branch

Ontario Ministry of Industry, Trade and


Ontario Waste Management Corporation

Pollution Probe Foundation

Reports and Summaries of Conferences, Public Hearings and Royal Commissions

Ontario Ministry of Energy

Ontario Waste Management Advisory Board

Royal Commission, Electric Power Planning

Royal Commission, Asbestos Use in Ontario

United Nations in Canada, Toronto Chapter

Books, Brochures, Articles, Newsletters

Canadian High Magazine

D.C. Heath Limited, Publishers

Earthkeeper Magazine

Farquharson & Associates Advertising, Inc.


    Environment Canada

    Ontario Ministry of Transportation

Impact (Ontario Ministry of the Environment)

Municipal World Magazine

Synergistics Consulting Ltd

    Ontario Ministry of Transportation

Pollution Probe Magazine

Weaver Tanner Miller

    Consumers Gas

Ontario Ministry of the Environment

Researched and wrote booklet, Analyzing Our Environment, about the operations of the Laboratory Services Branch. Supervised photography and graphic design.

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Niagara River Toxics Committee

Co-edited final report summarizing research of pollution levels in the Niagara River. Jointly hired for the project by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Environment Canada. Participated as one of two Canadians on four-member U.S.-Canadian editorial team working out of the Canada Centre for Inland Waters in Burlington, Ontario.

Consumers Gas

Wrote articles for company newsletter on the advantages of using natural gas for industrial purposes. Work done through Weaver Tanner Miller.

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Ontario Ministry of the Environment 

Distilled research and co-wrote MISA white paper for Ontario Cabinet on new approaches for reducing water pollution.

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Pollution Probe Foundation

Edited and supervised writing, graphic design and production of Profit from Pollution Prevention: A Guide to Waste Reduction and Recycling in Canada

Ontario Ministry of Transportation

Wrote booklets, brochures and  A/V presentation about alternative automotive fuels. Work done through Synergistics Consulting Ltd.  Materials won writing award from the Toronto Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication.

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Environmentally Committed

Doug LIntula’s time with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment led to an immense amount of consulting, writing and editing work in the environmental and energy fields.

Doug is especially adept at helping policy committees, research and environmental groups, and consultants prepare reports and research papers. Much of this work has been done for government agencies, federal and provincial, either directly or on a team basis through environmental and management consulting firms.

Vendor of Record. From 2004 to 2006, Doug was part of a RFP-selected, 10-member roster providing writing services to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.

    Working with the MOE’s Environmental Swat Team, he prepared the final report of their inspection sweep of the petrochemical industry in the Sarnia area.

    Through the MOE’s London Regional Office, he helped revise guidelines for obtaining permits to take water (PTTW) for agricultural, industrial and other major uses.

Ontario Ministry of Transportation

Wrote booklet DriveSave, Improving Fuel Economy through Farquharson & Associates Advertising, Inc.

Canadian House & Home Magazine

Researched and wrote column on how to make one’s kitchen more environmentally friendly.

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Ontario Ministry of Industry, Trade and Technology

Researched and wrote report summarizing results of mobile (computerized-van) program to measure the energy efficiency of industrial and institutional buildings across Ontario.

Speed River Preservation Group

Structured, edited, and co-wrote a report critiquing a plan to establish a landfill site near the Speed River north of Guelph, Ontario. Engaged by the Speed River Preservation Group, spearheaded by the late artist Ken Danby, to distill and present arguments against the proposed site. General acceptance of the report’s findings and conclusions helped force cancellation of the project.  

(Photo and notations by Ken Danby)