Douglas V. Lintula, B. Arch.



Selected Clients

Architecture, Engineering, Planning

Brochures, Newsletters, Booklets

Dunlop, Wardell, Mitsui, Aitken, Architects

DSH Design Group (Newton, MA)

Gordon S. Adamson, Architects

Harrison/Black Partnership, Architects

Keith Muller, Industrial Design

Kilborn Engineering, Inc.

Ontario Association of Architects

Richard Stone, Landscape Architects

Stone and Hand Advertising, Inc.

Herman Miller Furniture

UPACE Limited

Reports, Conference Summaries

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

John B. Parkin Associates, Architects

National Research Council of Canada

Ontario Ministry of Energy

Product Literature, Advertorials

Brick & Tile

Farquharson & Associates, Inc.        

    Canadian Pittsburgh Industries

LCN Closers of Canada

PUMA (Marketing) Limited

    Glaverbel Glass (Brussels)


1001 Decorating Ideas Magazine

Architecture Canada Magazine

Canadian Architect Magazine

Canadian House & Home Magazine

Daily Commercial News

INCO Magazine

Architecturally Inspired

Doug Lintula’s architectural training and experience has allowed him to write extensively for architects, engineers, planners and other design professionals, as well as for architectural and trade magazines and suppliers of building materials and furnishings.

Architecture greatly influenced how Doug approached his writing career -- as a generalist working in context. Just as he was trained to undertake any kind of architectural design project, he decided to make himself ready to tackle any kind of writing project regardless of subject matter, medium or technical level. This approach has worked extremely well over the years, allowing him to undertake highly technical projects within the architectural and environmental fields and expand his work into other unrelated areas.

The Architect’s Dilemma. Doug explores the process of architectural design in his comedy The Architect’s Dilemma in which a young architect strives to save a contentious marriage through innovative house design.

Sample Projects

Ontario Association of Architects

Wrote booklet, Competitions: An Architectural Alternative. Purpose: to  encourage the wider use of competitions for obtaining building designs. Supervised production through Farquharson & Associates Advertising, Inc.

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The Canadian Architect

Researched and co-wrote cover story, Geodesic Surface Division, with architect Hans Scheel of Kilborn Engineering, Inc. on how to design a geodesic dome. Also contributed drawings to help explain the process.

Canadian Pittsburgh Industries

Wrote product brochures for Herculite safety glass and Glasweld and Qasal building panels. Work done through Farquharson & Associates Advertising, Inc.

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The Canadian Architect

Wrote article on the international success of contemporary Finnish design based on research conducted in Finland.

1001 Decorating Ideas

Wrote two articles about country houses embodying passive solar design principles. Shot photos to go with articles.

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Doug’s architectural and environmental backgrounds came together especially well during a consulting stint with National Research Council Canada. Over a two-year period, he helped evaluate more than 200 consultants’ reports on the uses and effectiveness of UFFI (urea-formaldehyde foam insulation) and prepare reports, articles and conference papers based on the findings.

NRC UFFI Consulting

Lesson from Finland

Thoughts on Context

The quality of a project’s outcome depends on how well its context is analyzed and allowed to guide the creative process.

Writing in context means always having something to “show” and always knowing where you are going. As Laurence J. Peter so aptly put it: “If you don’t know where you’re going, you will probably end up somewhere else.”